PTA Meeting Minutes — January 4, 2016

Wanaque School
PTA Meeting
Technology Room
January 4, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.

Leane: Welcome everyone.  Glad everyone could come tonight.  Please take a moment to review the minutes and when you are ready; I need a motion to approve:
                Motion:    Debbie O.
                2nd:        Jen R.
With no opposition the minutes are approved as submitted.

Ms. Cardiello: Thank you and Happy New Year to all. So far everything is quiet. There will be a reorganization meeting tomorrow at 7pm, not much more to report, healthy year to everyone.

Mr. Frick:    It has been quiet today, January 18 will be an in-service for teachers, and students will have the day off. January 25th we will review the curriculum with Guidance.

Mr. Sarullo: Please make sure students are dressed properly for the weather, we have seen children in shorts coming to school, they need coats and hats!

Mrs. Spirko: There will be the annual talent show on 2/25, thank you to the PTA for sponsoring that event each year. We will also be hosting the square dance here this year. It will be March 10th and the cost will be $10 per family. I will need some volunteers, preferably students, for that evening.

Mrs. Basedow: Thank you for all you do, we have a terrific PTA

Mrs. Horst: Dr. Seuss Day will be February 19th and we will have a reading incentive program. The theme is Green Eggs and Ham; each child will collect green eggs for books read. The child with the most eggs at the end of the program gets a lunch with the principal and vice principal. Other events include the breakfast on the 19th as well as the Mulberry Street Mall and assembly.

Rob Barnhardt: 2/09 the NJ Board Association will meet and review the committee structure as well as hold an ethics training going over the roles and responsibilities of the BOE so everyone understands what the expectations are. We will also be looking at the budget

Q: Any date for the 8th grade awards program?
A: Not as of yet, more to come

Q: When will the deposits for the 8th grade trip be due?
A: Information is going out this week

Officer Reports:

President: Leane Our Labels for Education fund was able to purchase a number of sports balls for recess, probably wait till Spring at this point to use them but we have them.

1st VP – Elise: Nothing to report.

2nd VP - Jen: Nothing to report

Treasurer - Sharon: Nothing to report

Corresponding Secretary - Tracy: Nothing to report

Recording Secretary - Yvette: Nothing to report

Standing Committee Reports

Drama – 4th – 8th: Lisa S. – We have chosen “Into the Woods” as our drama program this year. All the roles have been assigned. For now rehearsals will be Wednesdays only in January. There will be rehearsals specifically for assigned roles and rehearsals that include the chorus to prevent kids from using the time when they are not rehearsing. The performances have been approved for April 29 and 30. We have 46 kids involved in this performance.

Cultural Arts – Open committee:  Still open, please volunteer if you would like to chair this committee

Fundraising Committee:    Also need a chair for this committee. We are looking to do a Color Run in the spring. We have done some research and it looks like a lot of fun so more to come on that.

Thanksgiving Baskets – Ann P.:  As always very successful. There were quite a few student volunteers which always makes the process go smoothly. Girl scouts donated blankets and all 11 families were very happy.

Holiday Shop: Great job by all, thank you to all the volunteers. So far it looks like we have an $1800 profit.

Holiday Bazaar: Kristin K. Kristin did a great job. Our profit is approximately $2000 so far. This is lots of work and we need lots of support. This committee will also be open for next year.

Book Fair: We earned 1000 credits. Herman Parish – author of Amelia Bedelia will be coming 1/12 at 2pm. Thank you to all parents who helped out with this as well.

Box Tops - Iman: Currently counting the Nov-Dec submission. There is a check in the mail for at least $1000 that includes submissions through November. We will do one more submission and labels are due March 1. Please make sure the teacher’s name and grade are on the bag so the class gets credit.

Kids’ Stuff Books: Another committee that will be open for next year. Lori will be happy to train you

Bingo: Next Bingo will be February 19 from 7-8:30pm for grades pre-K through 4th

8th grade committee Chris, Lori, Michelle:  Starting to get busier. Committee chairs will meet the end of January.

Reading Program:  Open committee, would love to have a spring program.

School Pictures: Judy & Patty: 2/11 will be retakes for the yearbook photos and superlatives as well as activities. We are also working on the digital photos for the slide show. Spring photos and sibling photos will be 5/17 and we could use volunteers for this too.

Membership: Please tell your friends and neighbors to join. We are at 100% teacher participation and could use more families.
Dances: There will be a Valentine’s dance at Haskell for grades 6-8 on 2/12

Tricky Tray - Patty: On its way. April 2 is the date. Theme is “A Night at the Oscars”. Remember this is our biggest fundraiser and it is a huge undertaking. We still need some solicitors; Tracy P. has the envelopes for anyone interested in helping in that area.
All signs will need to be ordered as well

Q: Will tickets be the same price?
A: Yes

School Apparel: Gina–    closed for the winter, more dates in the spring

Q: Do we participate in the program?
A: We can look into that but don’t want to take away from other fundraising opportunities

Teacher Appreciation: Right now the dates are May 2-6, more info to come

Egg Hunt: Not sure if we are doing that this year, more information to come

Old Business:  We held a fun movie night on December 11. There was popcorn, a photo booth, jelly bean bar, guessing game and coloring stations. We showed “Inside Out” and about 50+ kids were there. Looking forward to another one soon. Thank you to Jen S. and Tracy P. and all the parents who helped out.

New Business:   March 18 we will have an anti-bullying assembly. Chris Johnson who is a great speaker and adds magic into his programs will be here,
There is a Dine to Donate on 1/12 at Luigis
There is a great app called Shoparoo for all android and iphones. You just have to take photos of your receipts and submit them and the school gets credit. All receipts for anything are accepted. We will post the info on the website; it also went out in a blast email and will send a flyer and facebook link

Q: Were we going to do the gift card program?
A: Victoria was going to work on that and she is not here tonight so we will follow up

Door prizes were drawn

Motion to adjourn until February 8, 2016
        Motion: Ann P.
        2nd:    Jill N.
Meeting adjourned until February 8 - 7pm

# # #
Respectfully submitted January 20, 2016