PTA Minutes -- October 14, 2014

PTA Meeting
WS Technology Room
October 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.

AngD: Welcome everyone; we have a busy agenda so let’s get right to it.  Please take a moment to review the minutes and then if someone can make a motion to approve:

Motion: Stacey
2nd: Tracy G.
Without opposition the minutes are voted in as approved.

AngD: Let’s get right to the agenda, I would like to introduce Ms. Donna Cardiello our Superintendent.

Ms. Cardiello: We had our first Strategic Planning meeting; there were 39 community members in attendance.  I gave the current state of our schools, then we broke off into 4 groups to discuss the strengths and challenges.  Areas that were identified were:

Strengths     Challenges
Outstanding teachers and staff  Lacking a Pre-School program
Good Leadership    No After School program
High standards    2 Elementary schools and no middle school
Community Support    Lack of extracurricular activities
Good synergy     Need for stronger ties to community
Good fiscal accountability   Lack of science labs and clubs
Good security     Park prep for parents
Good communication between school and home

Next phase is the visionary phase.  You did not need to be part of the first meeting in order to participate in the second.  The second meeting will take place December 10 at 7pm in the Haskell School gym.  Please come and support this initiative, easy to step in where we left off.

First coffee and conversation – taking the place of the community outreach meetings – will be October 16 at 9am in the media center

Ms. Morales: Good Evening.   Thank you for coming out tonight.  Here are some calendar items:
October 24:  4th grade field trip to Franklin Mineral Museum, Kindergarten pumpkin patch and 7th grade Sticks and Stones assembly
October 27:  Student Council Elections
October 28:  2nd grade pumpkin patch
October 31:  9am Halloween parade and sing-along.  Pre-k through 1st may wear their costume to school, 2nd-4th can bring it and put it on here.

AngD:  Welcome to our BOE members:  Rob Barnhardt, Richard McFarlane, Dana Imbrascini, Nancy DiBartolo our treasurer and Patrick Sarullo our Vice Principal.  I would also like to welcome the candidates for the BOE election:  Jill Nitkinas, Barry Hain, Dan Sinclair and though he could not be here tonight, we recognize the candidacy of Charlie Strobel as well.  (candidates each spoke to their platform and candidacy).  Also, Rob Adams, our former BOE President, would like us to know that he is running for Lakeland BOE and would love our support.  We will take a 5 minute break to dismiss the BOE members.

It is very important that we are all aware of the severity of the food allergies that are present these days.  It is unfortunate that we can no longer have food parties or treats for birthdays, however, when you watch this presentation you will understand the seriousness of the situation and that we cannot risk this for any of our children.  (Video presentation)  Let’s all be sensitive to the safety of each of the children in our school and around us.

Officer Reports:

President - Angela: We are off to a great start.  There has been lots of participation and we are doing lots of great things already.  We are changing and adding fundraisers, if you have an idea, please share it with us.

1st VP – Joy: Nothing to report

2nd VP - Yvette: Nothing to report

Treasurer - Sharon: Please review the budget we have provided.  Would like to get a motion to approve the budget for the school year:

Motion: Kate
2nd: Dayna
Without opposition the budget is voted in as approved.

Corresponding Secretary - Chris: We received many thank yous for the new year gift cards:
Kindergarten teachers
Mrs. Grattagliano
Mrs. Peschl
3rd Grade Team
4th Grade Team
Mrs. Odell
Mrs. Basedow
Mrs. Horst
Ms. Pantano

If you have anything you would like sent to the membership, please send it to Angela or myself and we will get it out to everyone, please make sure to include your contact information – it is a great help for fundraisers etc.
We will have a Pizza One fundraiser on October 21 from 5-10pm and will collect 10% of all receipts
Please support the WHEF Casino Night and raffle

Recording Secretary - Kelly: Nothing to report

Standing Committee Reports

Drama K-1: We still need a chair for this committee; basically this is an acting workshop where kids learn role play and how to perform in front of people.  This prepares them to participate in the more dramatic programs staring in 2nd grade.

Drama - 2nd - 5th  Jen Trentacosta:  Not in attendance – have chosen “The Little Mermaid” as the show

Drama 6th - 8th  Lisa S.: Not in attendance – have chosen “Shrek the Musical” as the show

Cultural Arts – Monica Q.:  Not in attendance.  Nothing scheduled outside of the anti-bullying assemblies.  We are going to run the Compassionate program that was run at Haskell – each child gets a bracelet that is white on one side and black on the other.  They start each day on black and when they are caught doing something compassionate, they turn it to the white side.  We will have a stories and music program for K-3 with Jared Campbell Blue coming up as well.  The 7th grade Sticks and Stones assembly is October 24.

Encore:  Karen L.:  Not in attendance.  There is a meeting to find a director, should know more soon.

Field Day Tracy G.: Nothing to report yet, looking forward to a great day in late May or early June where the kids have lots of outdoor activities, a bbq and lots of fun, always need help so please sign up.

Fall Fundraising Tina L.:  Not in attendance

Dances:  Kate. There are 2 dances per year.  First one is Halloween on 10/24 for -8th grades.  From 7-9pm in the Wanaque gym.  If you are a middle-school class mom, we would ask that you volunteer to chaperone or decorate so that we have enough help.  There will be lots of fun glow stuff, we also need snack donations so if you are a parent in those grades, please consider contributing.

Holiday Shoppe Dayna and Stacey:  December 5th in school and December 6th at the Bazaar

Holiday Bazaar Kristen K.: Have about 30 vendors, will send the contract to Chris S. who can circulate it to the membership then anyone who is interested can fill it out and send it in.

Book Fair:  :  December 5th after school and December 6th at the Bazaar

Kids’ Stuff Books Lori S.:  If you are not going to purchase, please return the books asap

Box Tops for Education Wendy:  First submission is November 1, please get them in and identify the teacher

Thanksgiving Baskets Ann P.: N/A

Market Day:  Ann P. – N/A

Tricky Tray Sue M. & Sharon B: Will take place April 25, this is our biggest fundraiser and carries us through the year, please consider helping, it is a huge undertaking for Sharon and Sue and they need all the help they can get.

8th grade committee – Joy G.:  The dance is officially scheduled for June 19 at Il Palazzo.  There is a meeting for parents on October 22 at 7pm in the technology toom

Website – Karin D.:N/A

Reading Program :  Mrs. Remington is going to sponsor this program and work with the chairs, if anyone is interested let us know.  She is trying hard to bring things in that will reinforce reading.

School Pictures: Kathleen: Everything went well, a few bumps but nothing terrible.  Re-takes are November 24

Town Picnic: AngD: Great success thanks to all our dunkees.  We raised $400 and this event is not typically a profitable one so we made $400 without really trying.  Thanks to all who volunteered and helped.

Membership: Heather: We are way below last year at this point with 205 members versus 273 last year.  This may be because there was no hard copy of the form in the back to school paperwork, I did email some who had not renewed and got about 10-15 back.

Bingo Juanita, Ann P: First Bingo is November 21 at 7 for grades K-4

School Apparel – Dayna and Stacey:   Forms have gone home, orders are due November 14

School Tool Box Dana H.   Not in attendance

Trunk or Treat:  Elise G: - as Angela mentioned will be October 24th at Back Beach.  The town is donating $500 towards treats and decorations and it will be from 6-8pm.  If you signed up for a spot you will get information soon on where it is located.  We are asking that each trunk supply 3 large bags of candy and PTA and the town will supplement.  We are also asking for volunteers to stand along the perimeter to ensure the safety of the children.

Teacher Appreciation – AngD & Joy G.:  N/A

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  Class parents for Kindergarten have been chosen by the teachers, we are choosing the others tonight.  If you are chosen for a younger grade you will be taken out of the drawing for the higher grades unless there are no other volunteers.  If only one or two people volunteered for a grade they have been notified and are automatically in.  When you are chosen, we would ask that all the class parents coordinate to create one letter for the grade to solicit money or donations for the parties.  Having 3 different letters for all the classes is a lot for Ms., Morales and is really unnecessary.

Victoria has decided to work on a fundraiser for the school where gift cards are purchased and a percentage comes to the school – more information is coming on that

Announcements: none

Motion to adjourn until November 3, 2014

Motion: Tracy G.
2nd: Ann T.

Meeting adjourned until November 3, 2014
# # #

Respectfully submitted October 16, 2014