PTA Minutes -- November 3, 2014

PTA Meeting
WS Technology Room
November 3, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm.

AngD: Welcome everyone.  Please take a moment to review the minutes and then if someone can make a motion to approve:

Motion: Ann
2nd: Stacey
Without opposition the minutes are voted in as approved.

AngD: Let’s get right to the agenda Ms. Donna Cardiello could not be here this evening, we will start with Ms. Morales.

Ms. Morales: Good Evening.   Thank you for coming out tonight.  Here are some calendar items:
November 5th is the end of the marking period
Report cards come home November 19th
Parent conferences will be the 11 – 13th and there will be early dismissal those days at 1:16

AngD:  We would like to welcome the final candidate for BOE, Charlie Strobel
(candidate shares his remarks)

And Dan Sinclair is here tonight to represent the BOE

Dan Sinclair:  As you know we have already had the first Strategic Planning meeting, it went very well and there are a few things we are looking at that were interesting findings from this meeting:

Creating a middle school so that we would have elementary to grade 5 and a separate school for 6-8
Combined Haskell-Wanaque graduation
These are the first things we are going to explore.  All in a discussion stage right now, let your voices be heard and attend these meetings.  We also have to figure out a plan for repairing the roof, last year’s winter killed the current roof and your kids will tell you it is leaky and needs repair.  We will tackle it in sections, but need to have a plan.
Finally, please support the WHEF by coming to casino night on the 15th.  As you know 100% of the money goes to the kids through programs and materials they don’t currently get from the schools.

Officer Reports:

President - Angela: Welcome to the teachers present.  This will be a pretty quick meeting, many of our Executive Board and members are at the 7-8th grade meeting at Lakeland tonight so we will get through the agenda fast.  Remember our next meeting is not until January, please check the website often, anything new we will post there, we have had a busy but great year already so thank you to all.

We did receive more thank you cards for the Staples gifts we presented to the teachers the first of the year, and also one from the 1st grade thanking the PTA for the sponsorship of the anti-bullying assembly.  It was terrific, the kids are still talking about it and we purchased the music CD to be used by all.

1st VP – Joy: Not in attendance

2nd VP - Yvette: Nothing to report

Treasurer - Sharon: Not in attendance

Corresponding Secretary - Chris: Not in attendance

Recording Secretary - Kelly: Nothing to report

Standing Committee Reports

Drama K-1: Patty is going to be our chair, still working on dates

Drama - 2nd - 5th  Jen Trentacosta:  Not in attendance

Drama 6th - 8th  Lisa S.: Not in attendance

Cultural Arts – Monica Q.:  Not in attendance.  We have had the anti-bullying assembly as I mentioned and we also took the compassion challenge.  More to come

Encore:  Karen L.:  Not in attendance. 

Field Day Tracy G.: not in attendance

Fall Fundraising Tina L.:  Not in attendance.  Pasta sale brought in about $3100 and we get half of those proceeds.  The clothing drive also brought in $250 all of which comes to us.

Dances:  Kate. The Halloween Dance was a great success, a few minor bumps but it was Kate’s first time doing this and she did a terrific job.

Holiday Shoppe Dayna and Stacey:  Flyer will be coming home soon - December 5th in school and December 6th at the Bazaar

Holiday Bazaar Kristen K.: Have about 43 tables, contract is on the website, if there is something you would like to see there, please let us know.  There are 21 contracts waiting to come in so we are going to have a great showing, spread the word.

Book Fair:  :  December 5th after school and December 6th at the Bazaar – if you would like to sign up to help, the sheet is at the front

Kids’ Stuff Books Lori S.:  We brought in about $2300, half of that comes to us

Box Tops for Education Wendy:  Not in attendance

Thanksgiving Baskets Ann P.: Flyers will come home Wednesday.  We are taking all donations including turkeys – we will keep them in the kitchen until the distribution

Market Day:  Ann P. All orders must be in by Wednesday evening and pick up is Tuesday the 11th

Tricky Tray Sue M. & Sharon B: Will take place April 25, this is our biggest fundraiser and carries us through the year, please consider helping, it is a huge undertaking for Sharon and Sue and they need all the help they can get.

8th grade committee – Joy G.:  Not in attendance

Website – Karin D.:N/A

Reading Program :  Reading program with an author is coming soon – stay tuned

School Pictures: Kathleen: Pictures came home today.  Re-takes are November 24

Town Picnic: AngD: N/A

Membership: Heather: Membership could use a boost, we had a big jump last year in January so let your friends know it is not too late to join and be a part of it.  You must be a member to vote.  We are almost at 100% teacher participation as well.

Bingo Juanita, Ann P: First Bingo is November 21 at 7 for grades K-5

School Apparel – Dayna and Stacey:   Forms have gone home, orders are due November 14.  We have a suggestion to change the color of the shirts from the current goldenrod to a more subdued tannish/gold.  Haskell changed to this color and everyone seemed to like it.  We will give it a try and see how sales are.

School Tool Box Dana H.   Not in attendance

Trunk or Treat:  Elise G: - This was our first outing with a partnership with Haskell and it was a huge success. There was trunk or treating, a maze a hayride, a DJ and a fortune teller.  The kids had so much fun, everything was controlled and the next day you did not even know we were there. For once an event felt like one community instead of 2 separate schools. The soccer snack stand even opened for coffee and snacks for the grownups.  It was amazing and we will do it again next year.  Thanks to Elise and her team for a job well done. 

Teacher Appreciation – AngD & Joy G.:  N/A

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  The Veterans Day breakfast will be November 15 at Wanaque.  The 3rd graders will sing, it is a great community event honoring all the vets in town and surrounding areas.

The Thanksgiving Feast is coming too, this year we are not going to receive the funding for the turkeys so I need someone to make a motion to increase the budget by $250 to buy the turkeys

Motion: Ann
2nd: Tracey

Announcements:  Our next meeting will be right after we get back so we will have door prizes to attract more people to come

Motion to adjourn until January 12, 2015

Motion: Dayna.
2nd: Ann P.

Meeting adjourned until January 12, 2015
# # #

Respectfully submitted November 5, 2014