PTA Meeting Minutes — May 2, 2016

Wanaque School
PTA Meeting
Technology Room
May 2, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.

Leane: Welcome everyone.  Glad everyone could come tonight.  Please take a moment to review the minutes and when you are ready; I need a motion to approve:
    Motion: Chris S.
    2nd:  Juanita

Mr. Frick: Thank you to the PTA for Teacher Appreciation Day/week.
The performance of Into The Woods was fantastic, everyone had a great time and the kids were amazing.

Students in the 6th grade have completed the DARE program and graduation from the program
5/5 Kindergarten orientation
5/10 BOE meeting
5/12 Honor Society Induction
5/18 – 5/20 8th grade trip to Washington
5/24 Kindergarten – 2nd evening parent-teacher meetings
5/24-26 and 31    1:16 dismissal for K-2 grades
5/25 NJASK for 4th and 8th
5/30 Memorial Day, no school
6/3 Field Day
6/10 8th grade dance
6/15  8th grade awards ceremony
6/16  8th grade brunch
6/17  graduation = 5 tickets per family. If there is a true need for additional tickets please request in writing

Q: Is the resource officer accompanying the 8th graders on their trip?
A: No, there will be plenty of adult chaperones, no need to worry

Q: If your child is not receiving an award should you attend the ceremony anyway?
A: Open to all, you are welcome to come always

BOE: Charles Strobel:  Our next meeting is Tuesday May 10 at 7pm here at Wanaque School in the Technology room
June 7,  13-16 are all 1:16 dismissal

WHEF: Chris Strobel: Next meeting will be June 2 at Wanaque School at 7pm
Next event is the Tree Tavern wine tasting on 6/5 at 7pm

Officer Reports:

President: Leane There are still a number of committees without chair people. Please consider leading one of these committees. There is quite a variety of open seats. Some take more time than others and you can do it with a friend.

1st VP – Elise: Nothing to report.

2nd VP - Jen: Nothing to report

Treasurer - Sharon: Nothing to report

Corresponding Secretary - Tracy: Nothing to report.

Recording Secretary - Yvette: Nothing to report

Standing Committee Reports

Bingo: Thank you to Juanita for always doing a great job with these Bingo nights

Book Fair - Joanne: May 17th, the first day will be for 8th grade only. The 18th the fair will be open all day and then after school on the gym stage. On the last day of the fair there will be an author from town there to meet and greet, Joyce Perry Miller from Wanaque.

Box Tops - Iman:  $598 came in today. We need to cash in labels for education so we are getting gift cards for a microphone stand and clips. The remainder of the points will be used for a big thermos for Field Day

Cultural Arts – Open committee:  Still open, please volunteer if you would like to chair this committee. Our 2nd “No Bullies Allowed” assembly was a great success and the kids loved it.

Dances: There will be a Spring Dance at Wanaque for grades 6-8 on 3/18
Coming this spring, Big Guy Little Gal dance on June 3 for grades k-5 at Wanaque at 7pm

Drama – 4th – 8th: Lisa S. – The drama committee did a fantastic job this year with our performance. The kids had a great time and the performances were outstanding. It is wonderful that we continue to have arts in the school. Thank you to Mr. Frick and all the teachers who came out to support their students and thank you to all the parent volunteers as well.

Next year we are going to change some staffing. This year we changed a little of the volunteer responsibilities. Parents had the option of donating back their $25 in order to provide dinner for the kids during tech week We also earned about $1000 in profit for the candy sale. We changed the gift for the kids to T Shirts that helped with advertising as well.  All together the drama program raised about $2000 to give back to the PTA. We were totally sold out for Friday night and Saturday was a great turnout as well. All concessions were donated and the parents were really great with donations and volunteering.

Egg Hunt: This was a great success. Working together with Haskell proved to be smooth again this year. Turnout was great even though it was cold again this year.

Field Day – Tracey:  T-Shirts are on sale now. We are looking to place the order 5/9 in order to get them in within 2 weeks. We only order every other year so if you know incoming kindergartners you may want to encourage them to order their shirts this year.
We will be sticking with the bracelets and looking for another giveaway as well

Fundraising Committee:    Overall we did a great job with fundraising this year.
We have a Sip and Paint night coming up 5/21
We are alos looking at doing a beer tasting for the dads at High Point Brewery so stay tuned for that

Reading Program:  We will have our second author coming 5/20 during the book fair after school

School Apparel: Gina–    online sale is ongoing

School Pictures: Judy & Patty: May 17th will be spring pictures and sibling pictures. Use one order form for all kids and orders must be paid in advance unlike the fall.

Square Dance: Also a great event, families had a great time and as always Mrs. Spirko did a great job.

Tricky Tray- Tracy and Leanne: Our Tricky Tray was a huge success this year. Solicitors were terrific and went above and beyond. There were dads involved, ticket sales were huge. Our profit was about $20,000 which is amazing. The gentlemen who won the 50/50 donated $500 back to the PTA. This fantastic success will ensure many if not all of our programs will continue on as long as there are committee chairs.

Teacher Appreciation: Our theme this year is “Angels in Disguise” and we will have many different surprises. Today there was a breakfast, Wednesday we will serve lunch. Teachers had asked for a Keurig machine and some k-cups which we purchased for them along with some utensils for the kitchen area. Friday we will treat them to an angel food cake dessert and a gift of a picture frame with a poem.

Old Business:  Nominations are in for the open positions. Candidates are running unopposed so we will have the induction ceremony at the June meeting at Prime 15, tentative date is June 6

New Business:   Still looking to do a Color Run in September to kick off the school year. We are working with the town so we don’t plan something on the date of the picnic.
We are also thinking about a spring flower sale if we have the time

Open committees looking for chairs:
   Dine to Donate
   Holiday Bazaar
   Holiday Shop – to work with Amy
   Fundraising Committee
   Tricky Tray
   Cultural Arts

Motion to adjourn until June 6, 2016
  Motion: Chris S.
  2nd: Ann T.
Meeting adjourned until June 6, 2016  7pm – Prime 15

# # #
Respectfully submitted May 9, 2016