PTA Minutes -- January 12, 2015

PTA Meeting
WS Technology Room
January 12, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm.

AngD: Welcome everyone.  Happy New Year – happy to see so many here at the first meeting of the year, we usually do not have as good attendance so thank you.  Please take a moment to review the minutes and then if someone can make a motion to approve:

Motion: Tracy P.
2nd: Jill N.
Without opposition the minutes are voted in as approved.

AngD: It was a busy fall and it looks like spring will be just as busy!  Ms. Cardiello could not be with us tonight, she sends her best and wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year.

Ms. Morales: Good Evening.   Thank you for coming out tonight.  Here are some calendar items:
January 19th the students are off in observance of Martin Luther King, teachers will have a development day.
PARCC testing preparation has begun.  There will be a workshop for parents in the next short while, a schedule for the testing will be provided then.  This is computer based testing so there are new computers and stools in room 206 as well as here in the Tech room where the testing will take place.  It is more comfortable and efficient.  More information to come.

AngD:  Rob Barnhardt is here from the BOE

Rob B:  Strategic plan is in the final stages of development.  The report should be ready in the next 5-6 weeks.  The next BOE meeting will be 1/27; we will start discussing the budget that will be voted on in March.

Officer Reports:

President - Angela: Welcome to the teachers present. 

Mrs. Spirko:  Talent show will be 2/26 for the 6-8th graders.  We will need 4 chaperones from each school, some in back for noise control and some in front for crowd control.  Would like to thank the PTA for always supporting this event.

Mrs. Horst:  As a result of breaks and testing, our Dr. Seuss Day will be February 6 even though across the country March 2 is actually Seuss Day.  If you have helped in the past and have not received an email please let me know.  If you have not helped in the past and would like to, also let me know.

Angela:  For those of you unaware, the PTA purchased a number of educational games for the lunch room so the kids have something to do other than color in inclement weather.  This has turned out to be a great thing as the older kids are now buddied up with the younger ones to teach them how to play and to play with them.  Mrs. DuHaime has been instrumental in getting this going.  We also had some great assemblies, Ryan Story was a bullying assembly and was very powerful, we were responsible for the evening session for parents.

1st VP – Joy: Not in attendance

2nd VP - Yvette: Nothing to report

Treasurer - Sharon: Nothing to report

Corresponding Secretary - Chris: We received thank you notes for the games we have provided for the lunch room, will pass those around.  Also for the music CDs we purchased and the Staples gift cards and finally from Mrs. Shumley for the Lab activity, this was supposed to be a bus but it broke down so the lab came on its own

Recording Secretary - Kelly: Nothing to report

Audit Report - Jill Nitkinas:  Thank you Sharon for being so organized, all the books are in order, Laura the accountant also looked them over and found that they were all in order.  Taxes are back as well so we are all set.  We need a motion to approve the audit report for submission:
    Motion:  Jill N.
    2nd:  Ann T.
   With no opposition, the audit report is approved for submission
Also wanted to say that until you really take a look at all the things the PTA does you cannot appreciate what a great group this is.  I applaud all of your efforts and all the things you do for our kids.

Angela:  We need more fundraising then!  Without money we cannot do everything so any ideas for new ways to raise money please let me know!
Standing Committee Reports

Drama K-1: No information tonight, more to come

Drama - 2nd - 5th  Jen Trentacosta:  Auditions will be February 2 & 4 and they are doing “The Little Mermaid”

Drama 6th - 8th  Lisa S.: Show dates are February 13 & 14 for “Shrek”

Cultural Arts – Monica Q.:  Not in attendance.  Mad Science was requested, stay tuned for more information

Egg Hunt – Kelly C.:  Dates are March 28 with a rain date of April 4, more info to come

Encore:  Karen L.:  Not in attendance. 

Field Day Tracy G.: Dates set for June 8 with rain date for June 15

Fundraising Tina L.:  had an idea to do a Magic night, the magician is local and loves to do it so would be very reasonable, might be a great money maker, will work through details and get back to group

Dances:  Kate. Valentine’s Dance is coming on February 6 for 6-8th grades at Haskell School

Holiday Shoppe Dayna and Stacey:  Profit was $831 – thanks to all who participated

Holiday Bazaar Kristen K.: Thank you to all, what a great job, at the end we had to turn vendors away.  Our profit was $1862 which includes the craft station we had to move in to the hall way.  Vendors were very happy with the turnout and have sent thank yous and reserved space for next year already!

Book Fair - Joanne:  :  Also did well, we have another $1600 in credit with Scholastic – we are thinking about using some of that as welcome gifts for the younger grades for books for the class room in order to save some money on gift cards, going to research further and get back to the group

Kids’ Stuff Books Lori S.:  All books are sold and delivered at this time.

Box Tops for Education Wendy:  Received a check for $989.  As you can see they add up so keep sending them in.  Next submission date is March 1.

Thanksgiving Baskets Ann P.: Also a great success, thank  you to all!

Market Day:  Ann P. All orders must be in by Tuesday evening by 9pm, this is new as it used to be later and on Wednesday

Tricky Tray Sue M. & Sharon B: Will take place April 25, the theme is “Under the Sea” this year.  This is our biggest fundraiser and carries us through the year, please consider helping, it is a huge undertaking for Sharon and Sue and they need all the help they can get.  We need solicitors, donations, anything you can do.  All donations are accepted and appreciated

8th grade committee – Joy G.:  Not in attendance

Website – Karin D.:N/A

Reading Program :  Spring event is being planned, more info to come

School Pictures: Kathleen: Spring photos will be April 20th and we are bringing back sibling packages so watch for that in the backpacks soon

Seuss Day – Kelly C:  We will have a green eggs and ham breakfast on February 6 at 8am.  Permission slips are going home this week

Town Picnic: AngD: N/A

Membership: Heather: Membership could use a boost, we had a big jump last year in January so let your friends know it is not too late to join and be a part of it.  You must be a member to vote.  We are almost at 100% teacher participation as well.  Our total membership is 229 which is slightly below last year.

Bingo Juanita, Ann P: Waiting on dates for next Bingo night

School Apparel – Dayna and Stacey:   For whatever reason we found about 15 orders today that may have been misplaced.  These orders will be filled so if you or someone you know had placed and order and did not receive it, you will!

School Tool Box Dana H.   Not in attendance

Trunk or Treat:  Elise G: - Not in attendance

Teacher Appreciation – AngD & Joy G.:  If you would like to help with this, we would love the assistance.  Teacher Appreciation is May 4-8 and we will be serving our special luncheon on April 28th

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  N/A

Announcements:  Our next meeting will be February 2.  Please attend the BOE meeting on the 27th if you can, lots of information and really nice to be a part of our children’s education.

Motion to adjourn until February 2, 2015
Motion: Jill N.
2nd: Tracy P.

Meeting adjourned until February 2, 2015

# # #

Respectfully submitted January 14, 2015