Class Parents Info

Each year the teachers need class parents. The number of class parents depends on the grade level and all classes need at least one. The administration requests that in the event of an emergency closing when students are in school, the PTA class parents must be able to reach every parent to alert them to pick up their child. Class parents are the coordinators of support for your child’s class. They help organize support for teachers and classroom activities as needed and facilitate a sense of community among the children’s families. They strengthen communication between the school, the families, and the PTA. Being a class parent can feel like a lot of responsibility, so be sure to delegate to other parents. This takes the burden off of you and gets more families involved.

Here are the main responsibilities of a class parent:

1) Generate a class list (at the teacher’s discretion):  A list can be made and distributed to all parents from a separate letter requesting the information-and the parent’s permission. Not all parents want their personal information published without their permission. But this is a nice way to know how to reach out
to other parents for communication.

2) Introduce yourself to the other parents:  Send a letter in your child’s folder and provide your contact information. Be sure to let parents know who you are if you meet them at drop-off, pick-up or anywhere in between.

3) Find out where the teacher may need help:  Teachers vary in what they will want you to do, but the key is to communicate with them to see how you may be of assistance.

4) Inform parents of PTA events:  Remind parents of events and activities that are coming up. This is a great way to increase parent participation in these events.

5) Coordinates events:  Class parents will organize parents for class parties (such as the Holiday and end of the year parties). They will coordinate with the teachers about what needs to be delegated – food, activities, etc. Please ask about allergies in the class. Remember we try to keep parties small and not all
about food. Having a class party with a craft or game can be lots of fun. Again, this will be at the teacher’s discretion.

6) Collect donations:  Be sure to give yourself time to do this. This may be for class parties and tricky tray class basket items/ money. Your teacher will provide you with the guidelines as to when you can request monies/donations.

7) Emergency School Closing Phone Call Chain: You will be provided with a list of emergency phone numbers which are to be kept private to call in the event of a school closing during school hours. This year we will be providing you with the list rather they you needing to collect them.

EARLY DISMISSAL  If an early dismissal is necessary due to inclement weather, the decision is made by the Superintendent of Schools before 11:00 AM. Parents/Guardians should be prepared to make arrangements to pick up their child/children PROMPTLY at 1:16 PM.  NO LUNCH IS SERVED WHEN AN EARLY DISMISSAL IS NECESSARY. 

The PTA is contacted by the School Secretaries. The PTA starts phone chain calls to parents/guardians. Class Parents can contact Emily with any problems.

Does this sound like a lot? Be sure to delegate. Just because you are the class parent, doesn’t mean you need to do everything. As you get to know other parents, you can ask them to help out with an aspect of a party or call some parents about an event, etc. It is good for the whole class to have as many
parents involved as possible.

**Please note- that to be considered for Class parent, you must be a paid PTA member. Membership forms were sent under separate cover and can also be obtained from the PTA website under Forms**

Class Parent Contact:

Emily Vidal